An Open Letter to Future Clients, Be it a two story house addition, reinforcing old basement steps or building an open air summer room, Steve Bunker has always provided us the highest quality of building services. Steve has worked for my wife and I on several occasions over the past five years and we proudly recommend his new company to friends and those calling for reference checks. Steve seems to have a passion for remodeling including a good instinct for creativity, flexibility and, very importantly, an ability to understand what the home owner really wants. In our situations, he has always taken the necessary time to thoroughly listen to our ideas and then has followed up with an understandable bid and explanation of services and costs. We have found his pricing to be fair. One thing we especially appreciate is copies of all supply invoices accompanying our bills. Steve is ably assisted by his wife Michelle. Although most of our contact is on site with Steve, it has been nice to have Michelle available by phone to answer questions and to facilitate our visiting vendors and making good choices on accessories necessary to our building projects. Steve finishes his work in a timely and complete fashion. When he says he will be at your house at 8:30 a.m., you can plan accordingly with confidence. Steve also cleans up daily and before the weekend, so while under construction, we have always felt some semblance of order in our household. This has been greatly appreciated by my wife. In closing we wish Steve the best of luck in his new endeavor, Bunker Remolding, LLC. His honesty and integrity of work product should serve him well in his new business.
Steve was unbelievably professional and extremely skilled. He brought the project in within (a slightly expanded, but that was our fault) budget and on time. We suffered from a bad case of "while we're at it" and Steve was always willing to participate in the planning and change order process. Steve always used quality materials and never wasted any that could be used. He and his able assistant cleaned up the mess every day, and they never failed to answer any question we asked. We've worked with many contractors and Steve Bunker is absolutely the best we've known. Quality work, great attitude, attention to detail. Although we'd rather not put our phone number on the Internet, Steve knows how to contact us. You'll not find a better contractor.
Dear Steve, I want to express my thanks and tell you how pleased I am with the remodel of our bathrooms, bedrooms and living room. We are very happy with the results and enjoy them everyday. Your work is such high quality and your attention to detail is clear. It was a pleasure having you in our home, making it more attractive and useful. I was particulary impressed how you listened carefully to us, our wishes and our preferences. I noticed this time and time again in our conversations, that you remembered what we had talked about, sometimes weeks or months earlier. Not only that, but you conveyed our wishes and preferences carefully to the other who worked under your direction. Your thoughtfulness was also greatly appreciated. You made sure we always had either a shower or a tub available to us. You were always aware if we were busy with other plans or events, and conveyed that we didn't have to make the next decision under rushed circumstances. When we returned from a month long trip we were understandably apprehensive about what we would find at home. You had taken special pains to have everything so attractive for us. I just cried for joy... Your dependability, even temper, and sense of humor were great throughout, and every day. We certainly could not have selected a better contractor. Thank you so much

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